Nolan + Emily | Surprise Cotton Field Proposal - Sweet E Photography

I am so excited to share Nolan + Emily's engagement story with you! After dating Emily for two years Nolan decided that he was ready to pop the question and he wanted to do it during their upcoming photo session.  A lot of planning went into making the moment perfect. Nolan and I met a week before to scope out the perfect spot and come up with a game plan so everything would go smoothly. We found the perfect light and discussed how I would pose her so she wouldn't see him dropping to one knee. It was a success, Emily was so surprised when she turned around! So here is how it happened...

Nolan and Emily arrived to the session and I spent the first few minutes getting them comfortable in front of the camera and practicing a few poses...then we moved to the "perfect spot." I asked Emily to laugh while looking off to the tree line across the field.  I told her I wanted to get Nolan  standing in the distance, she did just as I asked without hesitation.  Nolan took a step back and dropped to one knee. She turned around he said, " Emily Roberts, I love you so much and would love nothing more than for you to be my wife. Will you marry me?".  {So, so SWEET!} Of course she said yes! They hugged, she cried and they had their special moment hugging as I was snapping was perfect. The rest of the session was a dream. We had gorgeous light and their smiles were true and genuine. It was the perfect proposal! Congrats Nolan and Emily! 


I was giving him the key words, "This spot is perfect." She had no idea he was on one knee! " Turn around and look at Nolan, Emily. " 

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