GK contacted us a few weeks ago in hopes that we could help him plan and capture  the perfect proposal! We are so excited that the secret is finally out and that Megan said, "YES!" Megan shared a little about her and GK's love story with us.

"GK and I went on our first date in the winter of 2014. Our first date was to the CCU baseball field while it was under reconstruction. He took me to home plate and had me stand in the left side of the batters box and asked me if I knew where I was standing. He leaned in and kissed me and told me he would always have good luck when he hit. I thought this boy had lost it! Who kisses on the first date? That night before leaving each other, GK told me he would marry me one day and I looked at him like he was crazy! We were both so love struck yet so unsure how true this could be only after one date! I played hard to get for a while and on May 24th, 2016 we were officially boyfriend and girlfriend. We spent the last four and a half years making the sweetest memories. From winning the college World Series, GK getting drafted by the San Diego Padres to me graduating and getting a job at my dream school, we have loved through it all. On December 15th, GK took me to the exact place where our love all began! He walked me to home plate and had me turn around facing infield with my eyes closed. He told me to open my eyes and to my surprise was the sweetest words, “will you marry me?” written on the scoreboard. I turned around to the man of my dreams on one knee asking me to be his wife. With tear filled eyes I of course said yes! Moments after our family jumped out from the box suits to celebrate this amazing day with us! This day was everything I have ever dreamed of and more! We are so blessed and happy to begin this new adventure in life as husband and wife!" #foreveryoung #ImGonnaBeForeverYoung



I was hiding in visotor's dugout so that Megan could not see me! I came out after he dropped to one knee and Megan was so surprised! 


Megan was even more surprised when she looked up and saw  their family and friends! 


We did a quick session with just GK & Megan before everyone went to eat and celebrate.

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