Daniel + Casey | SC Engagement Session - Sweet E Photography
Photo by Sweet E Photography ( <a href="http://www.sweetephotography.info">http://www.sweetephotography.info</a>

We asked Casey to tell us a little about their love story and it made us both tear up. Keep reading if you want to hear one of the sweetest love stories ever!

Daniel and I actually dated the first time when I was 17 and he was 20. We dated for about three years and life took us different directions. I went off to vet school in the Caribbean and he started working that 9-5 just like the song “Greatest Love Story” by LANCO. We dated other people but remained friends all that time. I particularly remember him always being supportive of me and believing in me.... fast forward about 13 years. I had settled in to this new chapter of being a veterinarian , I even had my own home out in the country but something was missing.... and I felt this nudge to reach out to him, to catch up and reconnect. I called him and we met for supper and it turned out those same old feelings were still there but with a whole new appreciation for each other. He says he was ready to propose that night ... But he waited about 6 months and proposed on March 9, 2019. Basically God used our time apart to mold us and shape us into better versions of ourselves. We are so much more thankful for each other than we were 14 years ago, we aren’t taking each other for granted this time around! As far as we are concerned there’s no explanation other than God. He brought us back together and has been in all the details from the beginning . We just didn’t realize it. It really does feel like the greatest love story and everything is just falling into place. We are just as excited about getting to do life with each other’s families as we are each other. Both of our older sisters claim they always knew we were destined to be together. Really our whole families always knew .... We have a lot to look forward to.

They had a little friend want to join the photoshoot too! We all got a good laugh! 

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