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Austin and Payton got engaged on May 2,2020 (his 21st birthday). She was excited tell us their story because it happens to be her favorite ❤️ This is what Payton shared...

"Austin’s one wish for his birthday was to get everyone together! All of our friends, his whole family and mine! I told Austin it was not possible because of COVID-19 when actually I was planning a surprise birthday the whole time at our new home. I made invitations and sent them out I was so excited to surprise him because he always figures out everything! I picked him up that morning and blindfolded him. Everyone was there and he was so “surprised” after we opened gifts and ate cake our parents said “now we have a surprise for Austin and Payton at this new home” then they blindfolded us!! I was thinking oh my word how ironic is this!! Well turns out he planned the WHOLE party because he knew if he told me he wanted everyone there I would make it happen. So as I was telling his mom all the details she was telling him!! When they took off my blindfold I turned around and he was on one knee. It was perfect! "

How precious is that?! We absolutely love their engagement story and we are obsessing over their session! We can't wait to photograph their wedding! 

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